Partnership with Circular Carbon to set new Standards for Transparency of Carbon Credits

Marc Rosenau



April 24, 2024

Circular Carbon and Cula Technologies Announce Partnership to set new standards for transparency of Carbon Removal Credits

Hamburg - 14.02.2024 - Circular Carbon, a scale-up for carbon dioxide removal and the production of biochar  and Cula Technologies, a startup focusing on Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) solutions for durable carbon removal, announce their partnership. This collaboration aims to elevate the standards for the quality and transparency of biochar carbon removal credits.

Circular Carbon, renowned for its innovative approach to CDR and biochar production, utilises organic waste, such as cacao shells, transforming them into valuable biochar and renewable energy. Their Biochar permanently captures carbon dioxide, enriches soil microbiomes, and serves as an organic fertilizer, improving soil health. Its ability to retain nutrients and water enhances plant growth and resilience to environmental stresses.

Through this partnership, Circular Carbon is utilising Cula Technologies' Product Suite to manage its carbon removal tracking comprehensively. This includes overseeing biomass streams, tracking each batch, and monitoring biochar deliveries for final carbon sequestration verification. Circular Carbon benefits from a centralised platform for managing biomass, biochar, credit inventories, MRV and emissions data.

Erik Zerna, Director Sales at Circular Carbon - “We can now monitor every gram of biomass and biochar with the utmost precision, understanding the exact quality and status, whether it's being processed, stored, in transit, or applied to soils. This precision is vital for our mission. With this MRV system, we can assure the tangible impact of our carbon removals, underlined by data that leaves no room for doubt. "

A key highlight of the partnership is the integration of encrypted, unalterable IoT data directly from the pyrolysis reactors into the Cula MRV platform—a new achievement in the long-term CDR market. This integration enhances data quality, thereby increasing the accuracy and security of carbon removal quantification, hence the security of the issued carbon credits. Moreover, it enables Circular Carbon to further automate quality assurance processes by real-time assessment of critical production parameters via the platform.

Another milestone of the partnership is the automation of credit listings by Circular Carbon, achieved through Cula Technologies' API integration with the Registry of Carbon Standards International (CSI). This process, formerly reliant on a manual compilation in Excel, is now fully automated and occurs in real-time. This achievement represents the first direct digital data integration from an advanced MRV system into the Global C-Sink Registry of Carbon Standards International.

Moritz Spranger, CEO of Cula Technologies, said, “Together, we are establishing new benchmarks for transparency and verification in the carbon credit market, enhancing the integrity and reliability of carbon removal processes. With Cula's Carbon Hub, Circular Carbon is showcasing its commitment to excellence and  transparency.

Circular Carbon was founded in 2018 and develops biomass energy systems for the production of valuable biochar and renewable energy. The CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) company supports industrial customers in decarbonising their processes and binds carbon in the long term via biochar - CO2 negative emissions. At the same time, biochar promotes the build-up of humus in depleted agricultural soils and thus improves their fertility. Biochar is also used in sponge cities and in the construction sector and is utilised as animal feed. Circular Carbon therefore has a promising key technology making a significant contribution to a climate-neutral economy. The company has been part of the econnext Group since 2019.

Cula Technologies was founded in 2023 by alumni of the Hasso-Plattner Institut — Moritz Spranger, Simon Stadlinger, and Marc Rosenau — along with HHL Leipzig graduate Oliver Erb. Cula specializes in developing digital infrastructure for long-term carbon removal technologies, focusing on operations and MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification) systems. The MRV platform meticulously tracks every step of the carbon removal process, from source to storage, underscoring their commitment to advancing digital tracking standards and establishing new benchmarks for quality in the carbon removal sector.

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The digital infrastructure for responsibly scaling carbon removal. Cula’s MRV platform seamlessly captures and verifies data across the entire supply chain in real time. Bridging the gap between real-life processes and a carbon credit to showcase the world’s most effective carbon removal projects.