Partnering with Carbon Standards International for first Carbon Credit via API

Marc Rosenau



February 16, 2024

Our vision at Cula Technologies is 100% data-based carbon removal. Achieving this is essential to scaling the carbon removal market and empowering carbon removal technologies to significantly impact our fight against climate change. With this vision in mind, we strive to collect as much data as possible throughout the carbon removal process.

Naturally, this approach results in a vast amount of data that must be collected, stored, and processed correctly. Furthermore, the carbon removal ecosystem is quite complex involving various entities, such as standard bodies, rating agencies and market places. Thus there are many different stakeholders in the market who need access to such data. However, facilitating such access introduces a new challenge: efficiently and scalably transporting the collected data to various stakeholders in the right format.

Traditionally, the carbon market has relied on transferring data through manually compiled Excel spreadsheets and email exchanges. This manual data flow involves numerous steps and lacks internal data management and traceability in regards to which data was shared in what manner. It is susceptible to human error, leading to data inaccuracies and potential mistakes. Furthermore, a lot of work is potentially done multiple times for different stakeholders, increasing the overhead for carbon removal suppliers even more. Recognizing these challenges, we sought to change the way data is managed in the carbon removal ecosystem.

One of the possibilities for data exchange is via an API (Application Programming Interface). The Interface can be thought of as a digital contract of service between two applications. It allows entities in the ecosystem to define exactly how they want to receive data and what conditions should apply to them.

We partnered with Carbon Standards International, one of the leading methodology and registry providers for biochar carbon removal, to address this critical challenge. Through this partnership, together we developed an API for listing carbon credits and integrated it into the Cula MRV platform. This enables a real-time, automatic, and secure data flow between both entities once every data point along the carbon removal process is captured.

Integrating this API represents a significant leap towards digitizing and automating the carbon removal ecosystem. It enables faster, more complex data handling while simultaneously reducing potential sources of errors. We can proudly announce that the first carbon credit was already listed over such an integration, and we are eager to develop this system even further.

By advancing our digital infrastructure, Cula remains committed to realizing our vision of 100% data-based carbon removal.

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