Knowledge overtaking trust: Comprehensive monitoring and tailored financing for biochar projects

Oliver Erb



May 6, 2024

In a groundbreaking partnership, Cula Technologies and Callirius AG have joined forces to scale effective biochar projects. This collaboration aims to create transparency and traceability in a market that has previously often been characterized by questions of quality and reputational risk. On the one hand, Cula is developing groundbreaking processes for digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) of the climate impact of biochar projects. On the other hand, Callirius offers tailored financial products to channel the much-needed private capital into high-quality carbon projects.

Manually entered data leaves room for inaccuracies and fraud
The production of biochar from biomass and the use of biochar in agriculture or in the construction sector is considered a promising approach to mitigating climate change. Nevertheless, the highly praised biochar and the resulting carbon credits must be monitored very closely to rule out fraud. The data used to verify climate impact and distribute carbon credits is normally based on manually entered data, which leaves room for inaccuracies and potential manipulation. This leads to a lack of trust and credibility which, in turn, inhibits the willingness to invest in these projects.

Machine data-based monitoring brings transparency and trust
Cula Technologies, a pioneer in technology solutions, offers its advanced monitoring platform in this cooperation. This platform relies on a combination of machine data, tracking data, and laboratory data to ensure accurate and reliable information across the entire biochar production and use process. Thanks to an API interface, this data is transferred directly to Carbon Standards International (CSI). This automatic, transparent and secure data flow enables the direct, data-based issuance of carbon credits. The integration of this data on the Callirius platform improves the verifiability of projects and enables companies to support projects with the greatest possible impact.

Callirius Project Portal: Nature as an asset class
Callirius' expertise lies in developing and structuring financial products that channel private capital into effective nature-based climate projects. Callirius' platform gives companies and investors access to a pre-selected selection of nature-based projects and the fund offers the opportunity to invest into a diversified portfolio of projects at an early stage. Using data from remote sensing, soil samples, camera traps, and, as in the case of biochar, machine data, the projects are monitored and checked to see whether the estimated climate impact occurs effectively. Project-specific due diligence reports also summarize the most important information from the strict quality inspection.

How the approach works in practice
BLOCK Biochar from Dithmarschen in Schleswig-Holstein is already implementing this holistic approach. The biomass for the project comes predominantly from neighboring farms, is processed into biochar using the advanced Carbo-FORCE pyrolysis system and then finally spread on regional agricultural land. BLOCK Biochar operates one of the first two plants in the world that integrates machine data into biochar verification, which is crucial for ensuring a high level of permanence in the climate impact. Cula Technologies monitors all production steps and Callirius markets the carbon credits resulting from the process on its platform.

David Steinmetz, Natural Climate Solutions Specialist, Callirus: “The MRV data from Cula Technologies perfectly complements the project information collected elsewhere in our quality assessment. The precise and reliable data gives companies and investors the necessary confidence to be sure that their funds are flowing into projects that can demonstrate real climate impact.”

Oliver Erb, Co-Founder, Cula Technologies: “The partnership between Callirius and Cula represents a decisive step in directing more financial resources into high-quality climate solutions. Callirius’ customers receive an unparalleled depth of information, enabling them to identify the most impactful climate protection projects on a data-driven basis and monitor them transparently. This in turn accelerates investment in carbon removal projects, which is urgently needed to take this market to a climate-relevant level.”

Steffen Block, CEO, BLOCK Biochar: “From our perspective, transparent and seamless data transmission in carbon removal projects is the crucial lever to ensure the reliability of sinks and mitigate climate change in the near future. With our two strong partners, Cula Technologies and Callirius, we believe we are well positioned for this future and furthermore, we are pleased to offer Callirius customers our carbon credits.”

Outlook and conclusion
The collaboration between Cula Technologies and Callirius marks a milestone in verifying the climate impact of biochar. The innovative combination of advanced monitoring and effective capital allocation is necessary to remove barriers and channel much-needed private capital into nature-based CDR projects.

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